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Harriete Estel Berman
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Professional Development Seminar for artists, makers and metalsmiths.
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    Professional Development Seminar with 181,830 views!
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Artists, craftspeople, makers, and metalsmiths find out more about:

Collector's Collections and You the Professional Development Seminar for artists, jewelers, makers, and metalsmiths.


   Handouts & Articles from the PDS 2009, 2008, 2007

      Submitting Work to Galleries & Retail Establishments 2009 HANDOUT
This includes four articles written by Don Friedlich, Andy Cooperman and Harriete Estel Berman about finding a gallery for your art or craft.
      New Marketing Trends Resource List PDS 2008 HANDOUT    
      Navigating the Web 2.0 PDS 2008 HANDOUT    
      Artists Opening Galleries PDS 2008 HANDOUT    
     Commissions PDS 2007 HANDOUT    
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