OPEN STUDIOS: A Guide for Organizations Sponsoring an Open Studio Event from the Professional Guidelines

OPEN STUDIOS: A Guide for Organizations Sponsoring an
                               Open Studio Event

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This document PDF Open Studios: A Guide for Organizations Sponsoring an Open Studio Event was written to help organizations sponsor an open studio event either city wide, throughout a county or in your local area.

II    Economic Impact of Open Studios
III   Concerns and Considerations
IV   Example of a Community Wide Open Studio Event
V    Conclusion


An Open Studio event provides an opportunity for artists and craftspeople to reach a broad audience, to educate their community and ultimately to develop new markets. During these events, the general public is invited to view the artists’ studios, to experience this creative environment and, hopefully, to make a purchase directly from the artist.

Whether organized under the auspices of a community arts group or by independent artists, an Open Studio event welcomes the general public rather than a specific group. Some of those who attend an Open Studio Event may never venture into an art or craft gallery or attend a museum exhibition opening. It is this egalitarian distinction that makes an Open Studio event a vibrant addition to the community.

The economic benefits of Open Studio events to the community:
Open studio events may attract people from outside the community in addition to local residents. The event can generate income for artists and for local businesses, restaurants and hotels.

Open Studios can generate revenue for the local art organization sponsoring the Open Studios or create visibility and focus for the local art organization, which may increase membership. Additionally, Open Studio events can attract the public to areas that are affordable to artists (often the less developed areas of the community). These events can serve as a recurring catalyst to boost the economic vitality of a previously “run down” or “undesirable” neighborhood.


LEARN MORE about sponsoring an Open Studio by downloading the PDF
PDF Open Studios: A Guide for Organizations Sponsoring an Open Studio Event.

The document PDF Open Studio: Artist Checklist offers artists information about hosting your own Open Studio.

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